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Kung Fu Intentions and Routines : TKF 30

New Year Programming for Kung Fu amd Martial Arts

by Sifu TW Smith

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Martial Arts: Intentions and Routines 2015

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My first crossover. I prepared separate intros for KFP and TKF, with segments specific to each show, which I will put up front in case you listen to both podcasts. Then the main topic, Your Intent and Routines : 2015 is the same for each program this week. 

That starts at 12:08 on this podcast.

My Thank You!

Kung Fu Podcasts started July 25, 2014 Episode 1 title KungFu Arrives in Europe

The first Tibetan Kung Fu Podcast was June 18th 2014, titled Introducing the Kwoon.

Some of you have listened to every show. I appreciate you allowing me the opportunity to get my kungfu legs under me. Audio quality. Formatting the show. Working out a schedule. Some of you have been here in email, some even text me now. Facebook has been great to stay in touch too.

Thank you for the support, encouragement and feedback.

Todays Podcast of Tibetan Kungfu :

My Thank You

Cart of Pain Upgrade


Shiatsu Offer : Free Workshop

2015 Intentions for Podcast of Tibetan KungFu

Crossover Begins around 12:08

5 Actions to Developing Your Kung Fu / Martial Arts Direction in 2015

4 Rooms to Look Into. To see if you can find your the reasons for your practice.

What is Periodization? How do I apply it to my Kungfu Training

Every Well Rounded Martial is Responsible for honing two spirits.

My Personal Kungfu Intentions and Routines for 2015

Mentioned in Todays Podcasts:

KungFu Arrives in Europe

Introducing the Kwoon

 KungFu Bootcamp

 Yang Tai Chi Course


World Combat Association

Download : Your Intentions and Routines

All My Show Notes for this Episode is available for download to our Blue Tortoise Content Members

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