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Improve the Qi in Your Forms : TKF 47

What are the Markers to Improving the Presentation

by Sifu TW Smith

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This afternoon we are scheduled to present culture of chinese martial arts and taiji at St. Augustine University. They have a study abroad program and we were asked to present. So happens that one of our students Danny, lived in China for a while and is familiar with the program.

Podcast #47 Three Topics

What are some of the students up to?

Past Weekends Workshop

Qi and Kata

Bob has been asked to do a presentation on “Strategies and Tactics Against Multi Assailants” at the SHURI-TE CONFERENCE. He has included me in the acknowledgements and has also agreed to allow our content members a PDF of version of the presentation.

Recent Workshop

Advanced bagua reeling silk workshop was awesome. We went through

Going from simultaneous to sequential

Add the Rippling Grip exercise (Grippling)

Butterfly Hands

Move stances and body work to free form.

KATA and Qi

We had a friend ask if I could help them address a particular question. They are testing for a belt in Karate and was told that her Qi was low in the Kata.. could I help..?

I have No kata experiences, however I know movements, martial arts and a bit about the concept of Qi. So I said, ‘of course’ :)

We quickly identified a few area's

Self Questions


Footwork and Stance Questions

Focus - Where are the 3 tips

Exponetially compounded cause they are a perfectionist.

I told the practitioner they could flip it, not worry about the kata, but doing it with complete confidence and passion. The result would be : "Qi was awesome, Form totally wrong."

Download #47 : Increase the Qi in Your Kata and Forms

I refer to these previous podcasts

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