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How does the Natural Law of Dispersion Effect Your Life and Martial Arts : TKF 48

Our Greatest Frustrations are When We Resist Governing Theories

by Sifu TW Smith

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iain abernethy,natural law,kungfu Episode 48 is jammed with content..

Updates :

Visit to St. Augustine University where we did Bagua and Tai Chi Demo to support their 'Study Abroad' program.

Bob reported in on his Multi-Assailant Program

A Friend Makes an Appearance :

Iain Abernethy is one of the most respected Karate experts in the world. He is one of the people that organically discussed Karate Martial Arts with the same practical concepts as Kung Fu was taught to me.

Since then he and I have become friends and in Podcast of Tibetan Kungfu : Episode 46, one of my listeners asked a question about Judo and Aikido. I gave my thoughts along with Lori O'Connell at Pacific Wave JuJitsu, but Iain was out of country..

Well, when he got it, he sent me his audio recording to play for you.

Latest Workshop Updates

Application Work on QuangPing Martial Arts, the Fighting Style taught by Kuo Lien Ying. We been working on Choke Throws, Folding throws and Applying Wind Blows Lotus Leaf

The Natural Law of Dispersion

Throughout this planet things move from a greater concentration to a low concentration, by ANY MEANS NECESSARY

In every form of medium:

Thermodynamics - Law 1 - Heat moves from hotter to cooler, everytime, even if there nothing there except empty space.

Liquids - Diffusion and Osmosis

Gases - When you light a scented candle, and shortly after the whole room carries the scent.

In our lives, common statements,

'You will become the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most.'

'Guilty by association',

We all instinctively know that if you hang out with knuckleheads, it is going to 'rub off' on you.

Natural Law of Dispersion Podcast

In Martial Arts

The character of a school, the context of what it is going to teach is of greater concentration, the students absorb said qualities. You want to make sure that they match up with what you want to learn, combat, sport, health, lifestyle, or show for examples..

But make no mistake about it, Energetic Dispersion travels, it can lead to a circulatory effect, where exchanges begin to occur and a whole system of motion is underway.

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