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A Lama Pai Martial Art

by Sifu TW Smith

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Hop Gar Workshops and Seminars are designed to deliver the fundamentals of this Kung Fu. The martial art was known originally as Lama Pai from Tibet. I teach it as it was taught to me, it is not for sport, it is not for show. Ultimately this art is used to achieve your safety, or the compliance of a criminal or aggressor.

The 'Shooting Star' seminar and workshop, you will :

Experience Hop Gar original essence, a real world combat system. Designed for multiple assailants.

Saturday, January 31st, 2015 8am

Long Hand Rising and Falling Star Strikes (Wing Flips) : Long Hands that used to close the distances, deliver fast, multiple strikes. We will utilize one On-guard (ready position) and couple sets of footwork to deliver the Shooting Star Strikes. We will work on the hand forms, exercises to strengthen and condition, plus much more.

2 hours - $40 Nonstudents - <Student Rates Available>

See video of my practices from 20 years ago, with U.S. Army personal. tw smith hop gar kung fu training

There is a brief slide show of history and connections.

Understand the context (Mindset) of this art, how it is to be used.

We will work stances, footwork techniques.

Then we go into the Shooting Star Techniques.

You will put them together, and if you want play with them on one another with them or focus mits.

Come dressed to work :)

tw smith hopgar kungfu wingflip shooting star seminar workshop

More HopGar Workshops and Seminars:

On-Guards : Combat postures that abide by sound principles and make your techniques come to life quickly. You don't have to look and move like a boxer. I don't teach boxing, so you will have something you can use anywhere.

Hooks and Cross-Hooks : Easily one of the most versatile and potent sets of hands. They can go long and fold up to devasting short hands (elbows). They blend into Long, short and angled footwork. These hands are awesome when you are trying to get in and close the distance and equally effective when you have to make space quickly.

If you would like to have Sifu TW Smith deliver a half day, full day or weekend seminar in your facility.

If you want to read more about Hop Gar on our Site

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