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Hop Gar : Chinese Martial Art

The Chinese Version of Tibetan Lama Pai

by Sifu TW Smith

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Hop Gar has no blocking, evade, penetrate, use space to your advantage.

The Lama System makes Hop Gar Kung Fu unique. A few distinctions in this fighting art:

1. There is No Blocking - You must develop a new skill set that allows you to intercept and penetrate.

2. Physically unique - literally add inches to your striking reach as you move. Learn to make an unnatural mindset and physical skills, natural. Use angles and non-stationary strategy.

3. Philosophy - Mind Set - Absolutely clarifies purpose and reason

4. Footwork (Kay Men Bo) - Emphasis on stances and stepping, so you can deliver strikes without being in the same place.

5. Body Space Elimination

Tibetan Hop Gar Kung Fu from the Lion's Roar is a Lama Pai style, it is so unique that it is not meant for all students.  The physical expectations, the mind set required, and its pure intention requires great work and effort.

Sifu Chin and Michael Staples wrote a Hop Gar book that explores Tibetan Hop Gar Kung Fu.

As the Daai Si Hing (Eldest Senior Brother) years ago he had asked me to start writing a Fundamentals of Hop Gar book. Sifu gave me a copy of Park Bok Nam's "Fundamentals of Pakua" and told me to use it as an outline for the Hop Gar book.

He said that it is well organized. I have started putting all this media together, video, audio, pictures and pages of notes.

Lama Style SiGung Ng Yim Ming

Hop Gar Certificate Sigung (Harry Ng) brought Tibetan Hop Gar to the U.S. and recognized Sifu David Chin to carry HopGar. Sifu Chin Certified Daai Sihing TW. Smith as a carrier of Hop Gar in 1997.

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Tibetan Hop Gar

Principles of Hop Gartw smith hop gar kung fu training

Chon - No negotiation, destroy. You can't negotiate with a Tiger. Mental preparation.

Sim- Evade, put your opponent in unfavorable position.

Chun - Penetrate, attack the space movement and non-movement.

Jeet - Intercept, trap inside the yin and yang.

For Years our Hop Gar Training was rigorous and we were told, not for sport. The Delta's and Special Forces men that I trained with, trained to come home from hostile places.

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