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Hop Gar Book

Complete Fighting System | Tibetan Hop Gar

by Sifu TW Smith

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The Tibetan Hop Gar Fighting Style Kung Fu Book

The Tibetan Hop Gar Fighting Style Kung Fu Book

The Hop Gar Fighting System is a thorough fighting system. In the 70's Sifu Chin put together a book that:

  • Summarizes the 12 long hands
  • Explanation of the 12 short hands
  • Pictures and dialogue of practical applications

Sifu Chin would tell us often:

"There are three types of kungfu; kungfu for show, kungfu for health, kungfu for fighting."

Several styles blend the three, some focus primarily on show or health. Hop Gar Kung Fu is focused exclusively on fighting. The mind-set, the training, the foot work, the conditioning, the skills, the techniques, all are focused on one goal, to remove your opponent from the equation.

We would train with the understanding that there were no rules, no ring, no referee. Sifu would say that it is like 'old days when gun-slingers would walk out of saloon, only one would walk back in.'

Our Internal Tibetan Hop Gar Home page

This book gives you an inside look at the Tibetan Hop Gar Fighting Style Kung Fu.

Master Chin's Tibetan Hopgar Book is available at Amazon

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