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Guang Ping Tai Chi Chuan Workshop

The Practical Tai Chi that was for Personal Protection

by Sifu TW Smith

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guangping,tai chi chuan,kuo lien,chen,raleigh,tw smith Tai Chi Chuan was originally a system of Martial Art and used for self protection and protection of your way of life.

This workshop is designed to take Tai Chi and put the "Chuan" back in it. Concepts such as the 5 Bows and 6 Sides will be brought out to practice. Creating Framework and enough power to put the Six Togetherness and Fa Jing to work.

Expectations for the Participants

The plan is to take several of the prominent hands in Tai Chi, for example :

Single Whip

Cloud Hands

Brush Knee

Repulse the Monkey

Plus Others, and to go through the framework and timing of the expressions as originally taught in the Martial Art, self defense Tai Chi Chuan.


This is a phase of training that leads you to understanding what is going to be required to turn your Tai Chi into an art you can use. Understanding the gesture is a step into developing the neurology and biomechanics you will need to apply it later, if you want to.

You will NOT be required to spar or to throw during this workshop, but you will need to work with others in a friendly way so that you can get a 'feel' for how an expression can move. If you want to fool around and try out a hand to better understand it, that is fine too, I will have the mats out for ya.

Details :

4 hours of work. We will warm up, stretch out and get to work. Coffee, water and tea will be in the kitchen. You can take a break as necessary.

Sept 5, 2015 : 12 - 4pm
3824 Barrett Drive, 27609

Telephone for Questions : 260-782-4541


You need to know Tai Chi Fundamentals. So when we talk about Single Whip in a Bow Stance, you are familiar with what we are discussing.

3824 Barrett Drive, 27609
Telephone for Questions : 260-782-4541

Applicable History

Chen Wangting (1580-1660) created the system of Tai Chi Chuan based on General Qi Jiguan’s (1528-1587) Classic of Pugilism (Tang Hao).

The Martial Art systems of the time were used by communities to combat bandits who moved through the landscape. A community, such as the Chen Village had to rely on their own abilities to protect their lives, their children and their lifestyles.

Consider that there was no police to call, no local 'protective agency' to hope that may protect you. The burden of proof lies into the fact that if your life and people you cared about had to be protected by what you know and do, you wouldn't waste time doing things that didn't work or help the process.

As the new governments came in later, such practices were either frowned upon or made illegal. Then around 1956, the Yang 24 form was authorized as for 'general exercise' by the government, because the martial components and concepts had been extracted from the motion.

The first time the original martial arts version of Tai Chi Chuan arrived in the US was with Sigung Kuo Lien Ying. He used his martial arts training as the means of a livelyhood and as personal self defense. It was referred to as Guang Ping Tai Chi Chuan

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