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Goodness, Intelligence, Ability and Tai Chi for Children : TKF 37

One Student Overcome a Fear. 70 4th Graders Learn their first Tai Chi

by Sifu TW Smith

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Todays Podcast:children,kids,tai chi,growth mindset

They also learn what being a Kung Fu Martial Artist means

Past Week in Practice

Ba Gua Fundamentals class, 2nd Saturday of each month.

Bone Marrow Exercises this past week from the Shaolin Nei Gung Set.

Kwoon received a touchup

Student faces a longtime fear


70 4th graders learn about 


What Martial Arts and Kung Fu Mean

Then we do some Tai Chi, with Sound Effects

Original Kid Swinging Artwork : Famous Sun

Applying today’s podcast to your practice

Shownotes will have links to workshops and mentioned material

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Direct Download : One Student Overcomes Fear : Children Learn Tai Chi

Mentioned in Todays Podcasts:

Chinese New Year Traditions :

Ba Gua : Carry the Teacup Exercises Workshop :

Incense Lighting Wednesday at 8:30 pm.

Saturday class 10-12am  is Shiatzu (Japanese Acupressure / Massage) <Weather Permitting>

Chinese New Years Dinner Saturday Night  : Pictures and some video

Saturday 2/28 at 9am is a Kungfu Tools and Conditioning Workshop. 

How to use tools of Martial Arts : www.tibetankungfu.net/kungfutools

Audio from working with 70 4th graders

Applying today’s Podcast to your practice:

1. Recognize your fears, mental or emotional limitations. Adjust your expectations to where they are so small you have a chance, rather than being overwhelmed by the mountain you see.

2. Apply that to something like exercise, or weight loss, or meditation. I set up the Buddha in Bluejeans audio meditations so you can use that as 5-7 minutes intro’s to your program.

3. We all get embarrassed, feel like we failed. As a martial artist you expect to be challenged and expect difficulty.  In life as well as forms, conditioning and sparring.

4. Put emphasis on your effort, let the performance change. If you are making errors, adjust and move on.

5. Practice being a better person first, and a better martial artist second.

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