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Flowdrills for Martial Arts

Develop Skills and Speed

by Sifu TW Smith

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martial art flowdrills Flowdrills develop the skills necessary to move and respond quickly.

3 Primary Skills :

You learn to make these work to your advantage:

1. Space

2. Angles

3. Techniques

Speed is interrupted by tension. You can not maintain muscular tension and move at full speed. By the time you relax, they are already gone.

We start flow drills progressively. Utilizing techniques from various styles, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Bagua, Hsing I and other martial arts styles to help you develop the skills to respond to close engagement situations quickly.

These Flowskills skills are used by :

Children who want to learn how to get a bullies hands off them, without resorting to punching and kicking first, if at all.

Law Enforcement to quickly adjust a situation to get the criminal at a disadvantage

Para-Military, Bodyguards, Bouncers, and Doormen who need non-lethal alternatives to disengage a hostile enemy, without going to techniques that create a commotion intially.

Athletes who need to know how to develop full body engagement and speed to give themselves opportunity to be successful.

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