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Circulation is an Essential Function for Anything to Live : TKF 49

Is Your KungFu Alive?

by Sifu TW Smith

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Listener Writes in an Introduction


Awesome Sat Practice

The function of Circulation


Mr. Borel will start a Kungfu Exercise Class on Monday, June 1st at 6:30

Saturday Practice : Excellent, a couple of senior students led through qigong, then foundation Hsingi / ichuan, a blend of movement and stillness, then 20 minutes of individual meditation time (quiet with a 10 minutes split), then I led through another 15 minutes of visualization / story meditation..

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Listener Writes

Hello Mr Smith,

I'm contacting you for two reasons. First is to tell you I've recently discovered your pod cast and enjoy it. I appreciate your efforts and the way you approach the topics you cover.

I practice Kung-fu San soo, it's proper name is Tsoi, Li, Ho, Fut, Hung; however San soo is the commonly used short hand. I've studied for several years and I currently live and practice in eastern Idaho. I also practice Cheng Man Ching style Tai Chi as well as sitting meditation. There is a young man who has been coming to the kung fu studio who is very new and whose parents and he are moving to North Carolina. At this time I don't know what city or town. He is hoping to find a place to practice and I am suggesting to Parker that he seek you out.

Thanks again for the podcast.

Salute, Jeff Mak

Circulation : An Essential Function to Live

Circulation is an Essential Function

All things that are defined as being 'Alive' have an essential function called 'Circulation', in Biology it is referred to as the Transport system, as things are moved from one place to another.

Circulation is essential to more than flesh and blood of creatures. Your mindset and learning has to circulating to be alive. Transporting knowledge, skill and understanding from Sifu to student, and then students to students. Many systems and students prefer a 'spoon fed' system. Without the circulation. When the spoon is gone, the student withers away.

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