Holiday Fitness and Stress Reduction Class

Stay More Centered and Keep Your Lifestyle Healthy During the Holidays

8 Pieces of Silk of QiGong

Reduce Stress, Increase Strength, Improve Flexibility in Minutes a Day

Meditation : Mind and Body Work

From Calming to Focus and Awareness

Ba Gua Zhang

A Chinese Martial Art That Can Serve As A Mindful Walking Meditation and Fitness Regiment

10 Attributes of Water : TKF 72

One of Natures 3 Treasures

Ba Gua For Beginners or Refreshers Workshop

Introduction Workshop - Ba Gua Zhang - Raleigh NC

The Duality of Ego : Where Do You See it in Martial Arts? : TKF 67

5 Tips to Work Thru the Shackles of Ego

4 Area's Your Ego Has Direct Access to Your Mind : TKF 66

The Ego's Ability to Change Your Perception

Being Smooth in Your Martial Arts Practice : TKF 64

Whether You Practice Kungfu, QiGong, or Any Other Style

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