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Calming Meditation

Fundamental to our Training is the Ability to Calm Our Mind

by Sifu TW Smith

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Calming Meditation is a process, that begins with calming the heart and mind. To draw the mind back inside; rather that being routinely distracted by:

  • work responsibilities
  • phone calls
  • errands
  • problems
  • worry

We all have busy lives, it is the nature of perspective. However, when the 'busy-ness' starts taking us away, from taking care of ourselves. Then new problems arise; compounding stressors. Not only do we the original stress to deal with, but the fact that it has carried from one day to the next; compounds it.

Calming the heart-mind (shen) first make require support. My students, just like for myself; found it very calming to stand with my Sifu as we would lead me through meditation. It was work mind you, but very calming, and the sensation of 'letting go' was present.

Yet when I would try the same exercise the next morning; it was like I was wrestling with a bear. In my own mind.

All the questions, memories, recollections, timelines would start rushing through my head and heart:

  • Why did she say/do this?
  • What can I do about this?
  • Memories of loved ones
  • Responsibilities: This is due on ___
  • I got to get to the bank, or pay this bill.

If none of this is familiar to you. Then you are starting way ahead of where I did, nearly 20 years ago. Sifu would say to us, as was said to him, "Practice Every Day". The Dalai Llama says that meditation is cleanse the closets of the mind; that collects debris every day.

I tell my students: "We bathe each day to wash off a days work; we meditate to wash off a days chaos."

Calming Meditation Techniques are used to assist in getting the mind back inside.

Calm the Heart Mind in Meditation

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