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Beginners BaGua 3 Week Course

Starts : Sunday, April 3rd 2016: 10-11am

by Sifu TW Smith

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Ba Gua Beginners Workshop

tibetan kungfu beach bagua workshop Ba Gua is an excellent art for any pursuit of Martial Art training.
It is an art that I have personally seen people:

Lose 50-60 lbs of weight

Recover and heal from Post Cardiac By-Pass Surgery

Use as the Fundamental Core of their Mindfulness Meditation Program

Establish a practice that promotes centering and calmness

Improve balance and flexibility

Deliver spectacular presentations of kungfu skill

Use the Sound Biomechanics and Strategy to build and supplement a Practical Combat Martial Art

During the Beginners Bagua Course, you will learn and practice the fundamentals postures, motions and understanding of BaGua. Each class will walk you through the very basics of Bagua, step by step, so that by the end of the 3 weeks you will have a core group of BaGua QiGong Exercises and a Bagua Form to work on.

The Beginners Bagua Workshop Details

If 'life happens' and you miss a lesson, we will do our very best to bring you up to speed.

Fees: $50 Current Student Discounts will be applied.

You will need comfortable clothes to move in. Some students like to wear tennis shoes, others like barefoot, either is fine.

Previous Participants of Our Bagua Courses and Workshops:

When Dave received his audio of his Workshop Recordings, here is what he said:

"Sifu, thanks! Neat to revisit the class and hear some of the key stuff again. Helps this old dog learn the new tricks. Send more anytime!"

What have recent participants said?

Email: "Good morning, Sifu.

Thank you for the bagua workshop Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and found the kwoon to be very welcoming. I would love to learn more and am interested in the monthly walk as a continued course or training following the bagua workshop. This is a great idea, as the workshop definitely piqued my interest. I also am interested in the private/family lessons in the future.

I also would like to register for the beginner tai chi workshop you have for August.

Thanks again for all you, Dwight, and Kat provided in making Saturday's workshop a beautiful experience. I look forward to learning more and returning soon.

Enjoy the day!
Dawn R"

autumn comments on bagua workshop

Several folks have enjoyed listening to the BaGua Cornerstones Podcast and the Building the Kung Fu Frame which have BaGua references.

Pa Qua Mother Palm If you already know you want to learn Ba Gua and want to start with private lessons or attend the Beginners Workshop, then:

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