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Balancing Being Dad and Pursuing Martial Arts : TKF 79

How Do You Pursue Excellence In Multiple Area's?

by Sifu TW Smith

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A Listener named Paul wrote from a small city, north of Japan. He is a dad of two and had several questions.. but first, here is what he said about the program :

“Dear Sifu TW Smith,
My name is Paul and I've been listening to your podcasts, Tibetan Kung Fu and KungFu Podcasts, for about a month and a half now. I've kept up on recent episodes and have gone back to some older ones in the archive when I found some time to do so.
I really enjoy your show and it's been nice to hear someone talk about martial arts in the way that you do. It's particularly nice to hear you talk about how the lessons of the martial arts apply to aspects of your life outside of training as well as the philosophical subjects you cover. Your voice fits very well with podcasting. I really enjoy your shows and want to encourage you to keep up the good work. The positivity of your shows is truly inspiring."

Paul shared more of his story and then asked some important questions :

Am I reducing the effectiveness of my training by cutting my practice into small chunks and separating them throughout the day?

I want to be a good family man, but I also can't abandon tai chi. How can you have both?

How do you devote yourself to both your family and the martial arts?

Do you have any advice on push hands? Is it possible to practice alone?

How can I ever really have confidence in my tai chi if there's no one there making the important corrections for me or telling me I'm doing it right?

Can you really learn tai chi from a book?

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Support Veteran Steve Baskis, He was blinded in Iraq and wants to return to his Martial Arts practice.

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