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Baggy Pants Acknowledgements

Brian Dunn Authors 5 Star Book

by Sifu TW Smith

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Author Brian Dunn

Our student these past couple years, who works hard had a pleasant surprise for us today. He came in and said he had authored a book and that we needed to check it out on Amazon. His book was listed with 5 stars when we saw it, and there we were. In the Acknowledgements. Wow!! What an honor.

What can I tell you about Brian Dunn?

  • He researches like no tomorrow
  • He faces challenges in a smart way

  • He acts with integrity
  • He works hard to be a good father

I know these things without any doubt :)

Our Link for the book is:

Baggy Pants Weight Loss System: How Busy People Are Shedding Pounds

brian dunn : Baggy Pants : acknowledge Sifu TW Smith

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