Ba Gua Fundamentals | Sin Tien Mother Palms Workshop - Raleigh NC

Ba Gua Fundamentals | Sin Tien Mother Palms Workshop

Ba Gua Zhuang Sin Tien 8 Mother Palms Workshop Raleigh

The Bagua Zhuang Sin Tien (Before Birth World, Mother) 8 Palms Workshop is designed to introduce to the stimulating benefits and fundamentals of walking pa qua (ba gua).

This Taoist art has long been recognized as the Sister to Tai Chi Chuan, and is written that it represents the 8 Expressions (peng, lui, ji, an...) of the original 13 movements. For more on the background of Ba Gua .

These sessions are 2 - 2 1/2 hours in length and will introduce you to:

Circle Walk - Lake, Sky, Wind, Fire - Stand alone:

Circle Walk - Mountain, Lightening, Spiral Clouds, Rub Body Palm - Stand Alone:

Visit The Workshop Calendar. We will occassionaly do this in workshop in a One Day, 6 hour Intensive Ba Gua Workshop (with breaks). Contact us if you want us to come to you, or if you would like a One Day Intensive Here in Raleigh.

The Ba Gua Chi Kung is a system of 8 exercises that are sure to stimulate your energy, work flexibillity and balance. With an emphasis

sifu smith paqua raleigh nc

The walking of a 'health size' circle with proper footwork is excellent exercise. By walking the Ba Gua Circle with a camel step, the understanding of how to walk with balance and the sense of sinking to the earth is developed. Most students find that walking Bagua improves balance, stamina, and is great overall exercise.

The 8 Sin Tien Palms are used to develop:

What you will need:

You will also have:

At Completion you will also receive:

See when the Next Workshop is scheduled: Calender of Events 

If you want to learn this series in private, at your individual pace, Estimate 3 Lessons Per Workshop Payable Below.

If you want to offer as a 'One Day Workshop' at your facility, then just Contact Us. We do Travel, the fee is payable below. Traveling Expenses are not included.

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Ba Gua Fundamentals | Sin Tien Mother Palms Workshop

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