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ADD / ADHD, Use Martial Arts as Alternative Treatment

Martial Arts Provide Drug-Free Alternative to Helping with ADD / ADHD

by Sifu TW Smith

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ADD and ADHD are significant, and common diagnosis in the United States. Adults and children that are diagnosed and has symptoms of ADD usually are dealing with:

  1. Distractibility
  2. Hyperactivity
  3. Impulsiviness

Child ADD / ADHD Daydreaming Martial Arts, in a variety of styles has shown to provide a success alternative treatment plan compared to the pharmaceutical path.

The pharmaceutical companies have a laundry list of neuro-stimulants that are used to interact with the ADD / ADHD symptoms. Such as:

  • Addrenall
  • Concerta
  • Daytra

to name just a few of about 10 front line, multi-million dollare revenue drugs. These do not even count the generic forms of the same drugs such as Ritalin.

If you have a child, or personally interested in a Kung Fu program, designed specifically to meet the key-points that MD's and PhD's recommend for non-pharmacaceutical approaches, then visit our ADD / ADHD Martial Arts Program | Raleigh.

For many of these people, both older and younger, they unfortunately contribute to their own symptoms:

  • too much sugar
  • too little regular exercise
  • TV and video games
  • non-regular sleep schedule
  • lack of stress management practice
  • general lifestlye concerns that contribute to symptoms.

ADHD alternative treatments Martial Arts, particularly Kung Fu here, reduces several ADD / ADHD symptoms, by the means of:

  • regular, mild to moderate exercise
  • stretching and joint opening exercise that combines both motion and stillness
  • deeper, slower breathing exercises and encouragement
  • relaxation practice, both in stillness and movement
  • paying attention to current task
  • more oxygenated brain

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Kung Fu Training also provides other benefits:

  • Many children and adults prefer learning martial arts rather than riding a bike, or other perceived 'monotonous' activities
  • Kung Fu already has built into mind-body integration, response awareness, relaxation
  • Variety of different chi kung exercises that keeps them mentally engaged
  • We have a variety of short to longer physical forms that we use to keep them focused in bursts
  • Studies have shown that proper martial arts practice actually reduces aggression
  • Working in concert with a classmate or teacher
  • Individual responsibility
  • Overall themes of being respectful to others, seniors, don't blame others, try to do what you believe is right.

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