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Martial Arts - Alternative Treatment to ADD / ADHD in Children, Adolescents, and Adults

by Sifu TW Smith

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Martial Arts Program For ADD / ADHD in Raleigh

Martial Arts as a way to treat Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms has been well documented for over a decade. Here are the keypoints of how our Kung Fu program can be used as an Alternative Treatment for ADD / ADHD or download this Free ebook at our store that has been reformatted in Ebook PDF.

When you consider the three main symptoms of ADD / ADHD are:

  1. Distractability
  2. Impulsivity
  3. Hyperactivity

and these three in any combination, that disrupts normal lifestyle can qualify someone to the diagnosis. Children, adolescents, and adult age groups have been diagnosed with the 'Attention Deficit Disorder'.

To ensure our program is well-rounded, we discuss its details with Psychologist Tammy Finch. Mrs. Finch also serves as a consultant for individual concerns.

We have adult ADD / ADHD students that have started with us while being treated pharmaceutically, and after several months of consistent practice have been come off their medications, and been doing great for years. They have to practice, but it works.

Parents of Martial Art Kids report:

  • Their child is more regularly, physically active
  • They stay focused longer
  • Develop better diet and sleep routines
  • Improved productive daily schedules
  • More receptive to productive criticism
  • Increased ability to 'dis-engage' from non-productive behavior
  • Lessened emotional response to teasing, bullying, etc

Students become aware of their bodies, emotions and reactions. They learn to respond, rather than react.

Lets look at how our Kung Fu - Martial Arts Program is designed to meet the needs that Ph.D's, Psychiatrists, and M.D.s have presented as key points as a non-pharmaceutical approach to treating ADD / ADHD here in Raleigh, NC.

1. Distractions - We prefer the one-on-one setting, this minimizing distractions immensely. We have great success with private lessons, however some have done very well in a small group setting too. The one's that don't convert to private lessons. Those who get traction on their practice can convert to a small group. The key is to keep them engaged, physically and mentally, during their session. We understand that it is a sliding rule, and progress will be made gradually.

2. Environment - Normally we will be in the 20x20 Private Training room for our one-on-one and family lessons. This amount of space gives us plenty of room to work and small enough to keep us focused.

3. Breath Work - We begin with mechanically correct breathing, progressing toward energetically correct breathing. Periodically during a session, we will pause to ensure we have a 'Natural Breath'.

3. Body Conditioning - We start with 7 - 9 chi kung exercises: Movement, Joint opening, Stretching.

4. Body Balance - We start with 3 primary kung fu skills that require and promote physical balance. This is very progressive and improves focus.

5. Body Integration - Dispersed within the Body Conditioning are 'Freeze Frames'. They start with 3-5 Postures, that puts student in a posture that they hold for 30-60 seconds. This combined with the Natural Breath Work gives us a blend of movement and quietness. As the student progresses, there will be more 'quietness' in a session.

6. Paying Attention - We begin by teaching several kung fu movements and expressions. We use mostly skills found in the Ba Gua and Tai Chi to begin. These kungfu styles are softer, rounder, and require a greater developing sense of body awareness to do correctly.

7. Calming - Along with the breathing work we will also do standing, seated, or lying calming.

8. Imagery - In the very beginning, this is a small portion of the practice, because their minds tend to wonder off to fast. However, we do 'short bouts' of imagery to:

  • Promote continued calmness, relaxation, and sound breathing
  • Awareness of their Emotional Selves
  • Handle challenges such as teasing, criticism, injustice's.
  • Ownership of responses

9. Motivation - Reminding the student the reasons why it is important to pay attention, stay relaxed, and stay emotionally balanced, until they can remind us of why it is important.

10. Eye Tracking - Progressive ocular exercises that encourage the student to stay still, and pay attention with their eyes.

11. Intermittent Breath Work - This is not used till the student has progressed.

11. Kung Fu Forms - We use a few small sequence kung fu forms and build to longer sets. They have a mixture of skills and expressions in them. This engages the student physically and mentally as they progress.

12. Train the Family - We encourage family involvement, so that the work continues. We have mom's helping children, brothers helping brothers, and so forth. We want you to learn how to help those you care about.

If a student gets physically tired, then we use as back up:

  • Memory Tests/Games that will keep them mentally engaged.
  • Eye Tracking that can also be done from a chair
  • Breathing / Stretching that can be done in a chair or on floor.

If a student is handicapped, partially immobile or completely wheel chair bound, our ADD / ADHD program works for them too. We have sets of physical chi kung exercises that can be used by people standing and/or sitting. So parents can participate with their child in a chair.

Affordable - We want our program to be available to those who need it. We have designed our program so that is progressive and priced reasonably. We are also willing to setup payment plans if necessary.

We offer the ADD / ADHD in both private and small group workshop settings. If we do not have a workshop on the upcoming schedule, let us know your interest. We can either start privately or see if we have others for small group lessons.

- If you are not in the Raleigh area, and want us to work with you privately or in a small group setting in your town, contact us. We enjoy occasional traveling.

Questions? Just click the envelope button to the right and contact us. Our phone is on that page and the menu above in the contact us.

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