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    Archive for November 2014

    Milestone Moments : TKF 25

    Posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 at 4:36 AM by Sifu TW Smith the site author">Sifu TW Smith

    thanksgiving Kungfu moments


    Thank You Autumn for the contribution. I used part of it to get a timeline software solution to organize and plan content.

    Thank you 'Ghoelis' for goint to iTunes and leaving a review for us. :)

    Bob, it was great to work HopGar with you this weekend and I look forward to doing a followup lesson on Google Hangouts.

    Travis and I worked through and did an Yi Chuan Stay connected. Works great for many things.

    Emails List:

    I will start sharing more in December to extend our communication.

    Kwoon Events / Holidays :

    Thanks giving day I plan to be in from 6-9 am

    Workshops : Meditation Workshop Went Great and I recorded it and put the Ebook ~ 20 pages, and the 30 minutes audio in Mp3 is available at the White Bamboo Store for free download for those who attended.

    Saturday is Cloudhands Concentration Workshop 8am

    To encourage students and those of you who may want to join. Free Meditation Class at 11:30 thru Jan 26th. I am looking at providing Skype or Google Hangout attendance as well.

    The Format is open.


    Why Don't I spend more time discussing strategies, techniques, styles and systems and sporting?

    I will get there periodically.

    I make an effort to work on a balance of Yin and Yang. The reality is that 'technique will never save you'. It is going to be your heart, mind and spirit that will take over, and the techniques will happen as necessary. And if you do right, there will be not even one thought of which techniques you are doing. An empty mind.

    "Wu Wei" or "MuShin" for most Karate practitioners. It is by far the most advanced part of your training, and requires the yin.

    Milestone Moments :

    This time of year, in every hospital, clinic, assisted living facility and in our kungfu family. I have to recognize the Milestone Moments.

    The Mayo Clinic lists 10 things, here are some that I am very familiar with working with.

    Tiny Buddha.com had a little diary. Of where when you start to feel in the funk. Can you slow down enough to recognize the seed of the thought? Here are a list of some things this author wrote that were antidotes thoughts, I added a possible question:

    Why did they treat me that way?

    "People are mean or angry or sad because they need to be at that time. Just like a lightning bolt, it seems very intense and like it’ll last forever, but it’s only temporary."

    Why isn't it this way?

    "You can’t control everything and everyone. So why bother trying? Just flow with it. You can’t change the way things happen, but you can change your reaction to them."

    I thought I would have this by now.

    "Money and wealth are not the same. Money can only buy stuff. Wealth is something money can’t buy. Money is fine jewelry and nice cars. Wealth is a full belly and a house full of loved ones."

    Why is life doing this to me?

    Life doesn’t assault you or throw curve balls at you; you get what you give. Think you deserve better? Give better.

    Why have I failed again? Why haven't I been successful.

    "Success has no standard definition." (Neither does failure). The beautiful thing is you get to define it for yourself.

    The last one I listed, didn't need a question. My nemisis of for years, even spoke about it yesterday with Lisa and Sun, in their private lesson:

    "Life is very simple. We just insist on complicating it."

    Keep your heart and mind in order as much as you can. That is truly where discipline needs to lie : Attitude and Lifestyle

    This is why I decided to have the free meditation class in December and January. I am practicing anyway. If you want a little support to loosen up, and have like a quiet prayer, open meditation then come join me. I am open to letting you join through Hangouts or Skype too.

    Direct Download

    Reminders :

    Cloud Hands Concentration Class : this Saturday 8am. http://www.tibetankungfu.net/cloudhands

    Pushhands Workshops Saturday, Dec 6, at 7am

    Mind and Body Chikung dedicated to enhancing and balancing Sex Drive : Dec 8-13. Check calendar. There is one during week, week night and saturday.

    As regular students you have a reduced rate for any workshop, just get with me.

    Thank you to Carla for Artwork

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    Highlights of 11-21 : TKF 24

    Posted on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 4:19 AM by Sifu TW Smith the site author">Sifu TW Smith

    Lets Review What We Have Done tw smith martial art podcast highlights 11-21

    Student Shoutout

    Travis keep up your Yi Chuan
    Bob, be safe coming in from Myrtle Beach, see you Saturday for HopGar

    In this 9 minute Episode

    Push Life Forces Series

    Meditation Exercise

    Directly Download Highlights of 11-21

    Download the PDF Map File with Links Free

    Workshop Announcements

    This Saturday Novemeber 22nd 7:30 am, Mindful Meditation Workshop, (designed for Singles or couples)

    Cloudhands Concentration Class : Sat Nov 29th 8 am and Monday Dec 1st 12pm

    See you all December 6th for our next Push Hands |Tui Shou Workshop

    Artwork : Moon Light Used with Permission by DrG

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    When is the Internal Kung Fu Working :TKF 23

    Posted on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 1:27 AM by Sifu TW Smith the site author">Sifu TW Smith



    Thank you to Sifu Pawlowski who creates the Kung Fu Minitures in pewter. They are awesome. He sent me one. Share the Kung Fu and help orphans at same time. : www.tibetankungfu.net/orphans

    Kwoon Anniversaries:

    Dwight - 8 years now / Peter - 7 years ago /


    * In Honor of Veteran's Day, this week if you know of a Veteran who wants to try Tai Chi or meditation, they can come this week to any scheduled classes this week.

    * Bruce informed me that things are going well at the Veterans Association and it looks like he will be teaching some of the Veterans who are now blind. With the training and the Reeling Silk Program, he is able to convey a followable message that you can follow in the visualization processes of the mind.

    * Thanksgiving Day Closed / How we roll : Just because we closed doesn't mean we are not open.


    Tibetan Kung Fu Podcast 23:

    How do you know when the internal kungfu is working. 2 stories : One about a seasoned White Crane practitioner that was sent to me for practice and after a year of internal, he went back to his external and it was much better.

    The second, new student, few months in, has been working Bagua and pushhands. She has probably heard the work 'framework' more in three months that ever in her life. It is one of the top five Kungfu Commandments after:

    1. Know the internal chain of command

    2. All movement .. never mind, I will discuss in anther podcast.

    She is pushing a cart in the grocery store, getting her stuff, then it clicks in her :

    "Put your framework together."

    She makes a mental adjustment, that translates to a physical activation of awareness and wa-laaa how she is pushing her cart in a totally different manner, and she can feel it. Almost effortless.

    Speaking of grocery stores and in honor of Dwight. He used to get in trouble for practicing his bagua 'mud sliding step' and 'camel step' in the grocery store. :)

    Edited on: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 6:33 AM

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    Where Do You Draw The Lines?

    Posted on Wednesday, November 05, 2014 at 5:09 AM by Sifu TW Smith the site author">Sifu TW Smith

    standard, threshold, lines

    During Podcast 22 :

    Where Do You Draw The Lines? For You.. Not For Them

    Thank You Travis for coming to visit and workout over several days.

    Congratulations to Ryan on getting certified to teach the Yang 9 Tai Chi.

    Coming Soon

    Reminder that the Veterans Day Free Class is coming

    PushHands Video Trailer released

    SexDrive Chikung Meditation MP3 Series is coming along

    In Todays Podcast :

    I take a from the heart approach to this podcast. Not many notes, just a couple of bullets.

    Recently I got another email from someone who says:

    I want to learn every Hop Gar technique”. What is the problem with this mindset? Where does it lead?

    Internal Kung Fu moves you to self-awareness. With the awareness, you will come to a place....

    Where do you draw the line? Without a path, you wonder everywhere. When you set a path, people decide where they will be.

    It is hard to establish a direction, takes character and will to see it through. What happens when you do? When you don't?

    Direct Download

    Thank you so much. Please leave your reviews on Itunes | Stitcher | Others. It helps :)

    Artwork : Lines by Pushit

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