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    Archive for September 2011

    Student Spars in Massachutes

    Posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 8:32 AM by Sifu TW Smith the site author">Sifu TW Smith

    Our student, Patrick was invited and accepted an invatation to a multi-disciplinary sparring competition in Massachutes. This was an open sparring, non-sanctioned type of meeting, where they come together and go at it, to see if what they are learning is real, and where to improve. Patrick has been working on his Old Style Tai Chi, Choy LI Fut, and has been working on one hand of Hsing Yi (Pi Chuan) for over a year.

    Most of these guys travel in groups, Patrick was on his own, and had business in the area anyway. He had asked me for permission, and I had told him that if we polished up a few things, that he should do just fine.

    "The Real Kung Fu you can't see, it lies in your heart and mind."

    For the next several weeks Patrick polished his mind-set in movement. To reach beyond technique and begin to feel what is necessary to overcome..

    1. Your best defense is an overpowering offense.
    2. Strike within the timing of interceptions
    3. We have no such thing as a block, just don't be there.
    4. Feel the triggers
    5. If you strike once, you strike seven.

    These are principles that Patrick has been working on for years, they go well beyond technique or style.

    He did very well. His many bouts during the weekend came to his favor. Opponents commented on how he never seemed to block them, but wasn't there either. They had no answer for the Pi Chuan and X-Punches that were flowing.

    He came back to Raleigh with the understanding that he was on a good track, that there was continued work to be done.

    "What you know, they have never seen."

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    Posted in Chinese Martial Arts , Kwoon , Style: HsingYi - YiChuan