"Practice Kung Fu to Be A Better Person First,
A Better Martial Artist Second"

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    Archive for February 2015

    Tools of the Trade : TKF 038

    Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 5:40 AM by Sifu TW Smith the site author">Sifu TW Smith


    Facebook: Kung Fu Puppet
    tw smith kung fu martial arts tools

    Tools of Trade Art : Permission Requested : Orville at sketchclub

    Tools of the Trade Podcast:

    Weather Extended Kung Fu Bootcamp

    Shiatsu / Acupressure Workshop

    Monday Meditation at noon Class

    Bagua Fundamentals Monthly Class

    Bagua Teacups Exercises 

    Live Stream Video of New Years Eve Incense Lighting

    Google + or Email

    New Years Dinner was great.. Ate too much flounder  and dim sum..

    Half way in the Chinese New Year celebration

    Kung Fu Puppet Update 

    Video for Harmonizing Emotions and Energy Course

    Lao Sing : The Shooting Star Dragon.

    Personal Stories

    Caught myself in a negative moment

    I had just sit down in the Fireroom during a workout.

    Student came by to discuss events

    She was finding herself getting angry in her meditation

    I recently had a student stop by that I haven't seen in months. She wanted to discuss some current events that were spinning in her life.  She said that she was getting angry during her meditation.

    I sketched out our discussion. I am a natural visual learner, so I sketch objects, draw roads, bridges, exits, as we go, so I can see it.  Then we looked at it from a variety of perspectives.

    "That is what your kungfu family is for."

    Since then she has told me that her meditation practice was much better and she was able to see when she getting drawn in emotionally and be able to see more clearly.

    Download Tools of the Trade : TKF 38

    Mentioned in Todays Podcasts:

    Saturday 2/28 at 9am is a Kungfu Tools Workshop www.tibetankungfu.net/kungfutools

    Beach Trip : March 27-29th, 2015 : Tai Chi and KungFu Workshop : www.tibetankungfu.net/beachtrip

    Kung Fu Puppet Update www.tibetankungfu.net/kungfupuppet

    Newsletter : www.tibetankungfu.net/newsletter

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    Goodness, Intelligence, Ability and Tai Chi for Children : TKF 37

    Posted on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 5:37 AM by Sifu TW Smith the site author">Sifu TW Smith

    Todays Podcast:children,kids,tai chi,growth mindset

    They also learn what being a Kung Fu Martial Artist means

    Past Week in Practice

    Ba Gua Fundamentals class, 2nd Saturday of each month.

    Bone Marrow Exercises this past week from the Shaolin Nei Gung Set.

    Kwoon received a touchup

    Student faces a longtime fear


    70 4th graders learn about 


    What Martial Arts and Kung Fu Mean

    Then we do some Tai Chi, with Sound Effects

    Original Kid Swinging Artwork : Famous Sun

    Applying today’s podcast to your practice

    Shownotes will have links to workshops and mentioned material

    Click Image to get the Bigger View

    Direct Download : One Student Overcomes Fear : Children Learn Tai Chi

    Mentioned in Todays Podcasts:

    Chinese New Year Traditions :

    Ba Gua : Carry the Teacup Exercises Workshop :

    Incense Lighting Wednesday at 8:30 pm.

    Saturday class 10-12am  is Shiatzu (Japanese Acupressure / Massage) <Weather Permitting>

    Chinese New Years Dinner Saturday Night  : Pictures and some video

    Saturday 2/28 at 9am is a Kungfu Tools and Conditioning Workshop. 

    How to use tools of Martial Arts : www.tibetankungfu.net/kungfutools

    Audio from working with 70 4th graders

    Applying today’s Podcast to your practice:

    1. Recognize your fears, mental or emotional limitations. Adjust your expectations to where they are so small you have a chance, rather than being overwhelmed by the mountain you see.

    2. Apply that to something like exercise, or weight loss, or meditation. I set up the Buddha in Bluejeans audio meditations so you can use that as 5-7 minutes intro’s to your program.

    3. We all get embarrassed, feel like we failed. As a martial artist you expect to be challenged and expect difficulty.  In life as well as forms, conditioning and sparring.

    4. Put emphasis on your effort, let the performance change. If you are making errors, adjust and move on.

    5. Practice being a better person first, and a better martial artist second.

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    Ba Gua : Carry the Teacup Integration Workshop

    Posted on Monday, February 16, 2015 at 4:30 AM by Sifu TW Smith the site author">Sifu TW Smith

    bagua teacup exercise workshop paqua  

    Ba Gua (often times spelled Pa Qua) is an art that is built using coiling power, built from the legs, through the waist, expressed out to the arms and hands.

    The historical founder of the BaGua Martial Art system, Dong Hai Chuan, utilized the skill he learned in circle walking to express his martial arts, very effectively. For more information on Circle Walking, you can look here at our post and podcast on BaGua Cornerstones TKF 006  .

    Coiling Power is naturally developed without excessive muscular tension by the Spiraling of the Joints. The body becomes more integrated as the training develops.

    My Personal Experience

    I personally used the Carry the Teacup exercises to recover shoulder mobility in the early 1990's. Many years of bodybuilding, wrestling and football took their toll. I can honestly say that it was a painful few months, but I restored the mobility of my right shoulder and have maintained it through teacups exercises for over 20 years.

    From a martial perspective teacup exercises are irreplacable. Learning how to integrate your body from the waist out, improves power, mobility, balance, coordination and awareness. Not to mention the practical application of intercepting the straight with the arc.

    This workshop will eventually be in two levels, one building into the other. This first one will cover fundamental exercises, whether you are a beginner or practiced in bagua, I will make sure you gain from the experience.

    You will also have the opportunity to observe application or try it out on some of my willing students :)

    My Son's Favorite Ba Gua Practioner

    BaGua is the style of the Airbenders and the Avatar. When my son found out that I was doing a BaGua Carry the Teacup Exercise, he asked if I was going to mention the most famous Airbender :)

    Ba Gua : Carry the Teacups Workshop

    Movie : The One

    Ok, I am still a fan of showmanship, and Jet Li in The One shows Ba Gua (the good guy) and Hsing Yi (his evil twin). Bagua is in the apartments, his evil twin practices Hsing Yi on the roof. Many of the Teacup exercises become aparent and will definately be obvious to you after the workshop :)

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    Can You Find the Brakes? : TKF 36

    Posted on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 4:23 AM by Sifu TW Smith the site author">Sifu TW Smith

    Students Anniversarykungfu,tw smith,meditation,slow down,seminar

    Reid’s Anniversary month - 10 years

    Brian Dunn - 2012

    Danny and Kelly - 2014

    Darrin, Holden and Grayson -  2014

    Jeff Borel - 2009

    Ryan Mccann - 2013

    Todays Podcast:

    Cloud Hands Workshop

    Why the Workout Video using the Wood Pole

    Beach Trip : Kung Fu Workshop

    Can you Find the Brakes?

    Winter Darkness : Depression Season

    Whats Upcoming

    Direct Link to "Can You Find the Brakes"

    Mentioned in Todays Podcasts:

    Beach Trip : Tai Chi and KungFu Workshop : www.tibetankungfu.net/beachtrip

    Kung Fu Woodpole Conditioning Video : 

    Youtube www.tibetankungfu.net/youtube

    Vimeo www.tibetankungfu.net/vimeo

    Yue Fei Birthday and Special Release this Sunday : KFP 30 www.kungfupodcasts.com

    Original Artwork : LeFrog

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    Martial Arts Commitment : TKF 35

    Posted on Tuesday, February 03, 2015 at 9:32 PM by Sifu TW Smith the site author">Sifu TW Smith

    kungfu,martial arts,loyalty,commitment  

    Todays Podcast:

    Special Events

    Food Drive Listener

    Leading 70 4th Graders Kids in Tai Chi

    Past Week in Practice

    Hop Gar Shooting Star Workshop

    Meditation last week was on : The Source of the Wind

    Meditation this week is on : Hold all things like Water

    Phrases of Power

    "Being committed is when you are loyal to what you are say you are going to do, even when the mood you said it in has left you."

    My Commitment Letter, to me, 1997

    Drafting Next Newsletter

    Direct Download Martial Arts Commitment

    Mentioned in Todays Podcasts:

    Food Drive in Florida

    Support thru Patreon

    Hop Gar Shooting Star Workshop


    Cloudhands Concentration Workshop : www.tibetankungfu.net/cloudhands 2/7/15 9am

    Grasping Birds Tail Concentration Workshop : Peng, Lui, Gi, An : www.tibetankungfu.net/graspingbirdstail Wed 2/11/15 at noon

    Content Members can join by Skype or Hangouts. 

    I received a text from Mr. Taska regarding the concentration workshops: “these workshops are a great thing to do. Many folks like to memorize forms. Always one more form. Much more interesting to learn how to move.”

    Edited on: Friday, November 20, 2015 8:39 AM

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